Introducing COMBi.

Altogether Better Insurance

COMBi makes Life — and all your other insurance — easy.

COMBi combines all your insurance in one place and allows you to buy more at great rates. With all your insurance together online, you'll not only save money with competitive discounts, but lots of time managing your cover.

Find out more below about how COMBi can benefit you as an insurance owner, an organisation or an Insurance Adviser.

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COMBi for You

With COMBi, you can:

  • get instant quotes for and buy Life, Trauma, Disability and Income Protection insurance, all at extremely competitive premiums
  • purchase cover for yourself and your partner and in some cases get automatic acceptance
  • apply online and in your own time, with no paper and no sales pressure
  • request quotes for all types of general insurance
  • add all your existing insurance to the Insurance Vault so it's in one easy-to-access secure location
  • find your insurance sweet-spot — the optimum mix of insurance that you can afford
  • get access to a dedicated insurance adviser if you need one

For employees and association members with subsidised cover: you can also access your benefit information at any time and get quotes to continue your cover when you leave.

Not an employee or member of an organisation already using COMBi?
Take two minutes to set up an individual COMBi account and start saving money and time managing all your insurance online.

COMBi for Organisations

COMBi will provide your organisation with your own fully branded website portal where your employees or members can:

  • get instant quotes for Life, Trauma, Disability and Income Protection insurance, all at extremely competitive prices
  • purchase cover for themselves and their partner and in some cases get automatic acceptance
  • request quotes for general insurance
  • add their existing insurance so all their insurance is in one easy-to-access secure location
  • use insurance calculator your insurance sweet-spot — the ideal mix of insurance that you can afford
  • get access to a dedicated insurance adviser
  • initiate claims

For subsidised group cover, they can also:

  • top-up their subsidised cover at discounted group or retail insurance rates
  • access benefit information, including policy wording and documents at any time
  • engage with — and appreciate — their group benefits more than ever

COMBi also significantly cuts down insurance administration time for your organisation.

Don't offer subsidised insurance benefits? You can still benefit from COMBi
Even if you don't provide group insurance benefits, your employees or members can still purchase discounted retail COMBi cover through you, or via your own fully-branded COMBi website, at no cost to your organisation. Contact us for details.
COMBi provides your staff or members with better:

COMBi's smart Insurance Calculator and Insurance Vault empowers your staff or members with greater knowledge of their financial risk and policies, so that they can financially protect themselves and their families.


COMBi's insurance policies are fully comprehensive yet extremely competitive on price — in fact your staff or members won't easily find better prices in the retail insurance market.


For subsidised group risk schemes, employees will appreciate the value of their employer's benefits by interacting with them in COMBi — way more than they ever would with paper policy documents.

COMBi for Advisers

COMBi can be used by both Group and Retail Insurance Advisers. As well as providing a great insurance management tool for your clients, COMBi allows you to:

  • easily manage individual clients or large client groups
  • increase sales to large groups with marginal extra time and expense
  • set your own premium discounts for every product in each client group
  • signfiicantlly reduce administration time and paperwork
  • upsell general insurance and health insurance (coming soon)
  • track your sales and commissions
  • conduct email marketing campaigns to boost sales


Some of COMBi's groundbreaking features include:

Fully Customised Content and Look

The content and products offered in each COMBi space are fully customisable and each space can be completely re-skinned to reflect an organisation's or your own brand.

Innovative Insurance Calculation Tools

COMBi not only helps users calculate their personal financial risk, it also help them indentify their insurance sweet spot, which is their optimum mix of insurnace based on what they can afford.

No Paper,
Digital Signatures

Policy applications can now all be paper-free with digital signatures for retail applications, and no signature required for group risk applications, making the application process fast and convenient.

Insurance Vault

COMBi securely stores all its policy documents in the Insurance Vault, which also allows users to store all their other policy information, so that all their insurance details are in one convenient place, available online at any time.

COMBi's risk insurance products are underwrittten by Fidelity Life Assurance Company Limited, New Zealand's largest locally owned and operated life insurance company. More...

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